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Magellan GPS Update provide you with the best possible GPS maps to lead you to your destination and avoid traffic, speeding tickets and updated phantom alerts.

Note: Always check for the compatibility for Phantom alerts before subscribing.



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Are you looking for the latest Magellan GPS Update ? With Map Update Subscriptions from Magellan, you can ensure that you have the latest maps, points of interest and navigation features for your GPS device. Keep your navigation system up-to-date with the latest maps and navigation data. We are the third-party support providers for Magellan GPS, we help you in resolving different issues of the Magellan GPS devices.

When we talk about GPS Week Rollover or Magellan stuck in boot loop we need the specialized and exclusive support to resolve these issues because it needs extra effort, time, and research.

Only exclusive Magellan tools are capable of resolving the errors or reinstalling the firmware of the device. Hence, we request you please do not try to resolve the issue on your own until you don’t know, what to do.

There are several incidents which are reported by the customers, where they broke their device just because of the lack of knowledge about how to run the tools.


Our experts are very helpful and are always eager to delight you, so please call us, email us or just initiate a chat session to get the answers to your queries whenever you want.

Alert Features


Phantom alerts are proved to be the safest and best ticketing alerts.

These alerts are so smart that they can notify you when you pass by the location which reported to be the most accidental area through surveys and reports.

Phantom Alert’s premium will help you to avoid traffic tickets by alerting you about the speed traps, intersections, which may be dangerous while driving. Speed camera’s, red light camera’s etc.


Phantom Alert’s database is one of the massive databases in the world which is updated from time to time to be the most accurate and the verified database. You can create your own point of interest and even share them.


What is GPS Week Rollover?

GPS receivers translate date and time into day/month/year/time of day format. The field that contains the week number is a 10-bit binary number. This limits the range of the week number to 0 – 1023 (or 1024 total weeks). GPS week zero began on January 6, 1980. The 1024-week counter first rolled over on August 21, 1999. The next time the counter will reach week 1023 and rollover to zero is this month, on April 6, 2019.

How to resolve the rollover issues?

That is very simple, if your device is affected with GPS week rollover then there is a patch that we need to apply on the device just by installing the patch using the SD or Micro SD card, do not apply the patch if your device is not affected by the GPS week rollover.


I was totally confused before I contacted them, I never updated the maps on my device and was not aware that it needs an account to update the map. Thankfully I am able to update the maps on my own now. The session was very knowledgeable.

The technician was extremely helpful, Good job done!



Premium alerts worked like magic for me, the whole process was very interesting and I was using default services and never knew it can be so advanced, like the red light camera and speed camera



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